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Tests show Santa Barbara woman does not have the Ebola virus

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Tests show a Santa Barbara County woman does not have Ebola, after coming down with a fever following a recent trip to Africa.

The woman was taken Sunday to a hospital in Los Angeles for testing. The trip required special equipment for the ambulance and all the health care workers involved.

Dr. Charity Dean,  Health Officer with the County's Public Health Department, says all appropriate steps were followed, even thought the woman was considered to be at low risk of having the disease.

"Our Ebola response team, I think is actually pretty unique, I don't know that many other counties have this," said Dean. "There is just an incredible amount of preparation that goes into it, and yesterday was the first time that we had a true Ebola suspect in our county, and I think it was a pretty seamless operation."

Dean says the Ebola response system was developed back in August out of concern that Santa Barbara County could possibly end up with a local patient.