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Chemical in SLO's drinking water back in compliance with state and federal requirements

Flickr member HereStanding

The City of San Luis Obispo said Monday that its most recent water quality testing results show the city's drinking water now meets state and federal regulatory compliance levels for Trihalomethanes (TTHMs).

You may recall, this past July residents San Luis Obispo received fliers indicating TTHM levels had exceeded Safe Drinking Water Act requirements at a couple of its testing sites. The city tests water quality levels each quarter.

"After being over the regulatory level in the second quarter of 2015, 82.1 parts per billion (ppb) compared to the standard of 80 ppb, the City made TTHM compliance the number one regulatory priority for the City’s Water Treatment Plant and Water Division," the City stated in a media release.

The city said it has made changes to the mixing ratio from each surface water source and has optimized the Water Treatment Plant process to lower the potential of TTHM formation.

TTHMs form when the natural, organic material—like leaves and algae—reacts with the chlorine used to disinfect the drinking water.