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Council delays Airport Commission override vote on SLO land use plan video still

The San Luis Obispo City Council will vote next Tuesday on whether to move forward with its plans for future housing and transportation needs, despite restrictions that are currently in place for such development surrounding the airport and beyond.

The City Council discussed the topic at its meeting Tuesday night, but did not bring it up for a vote because newly-elected council member Dan Rivoire wants an extra week to hear from the public.

At issue is whether to override the Airport Land Use Commission and adopt the city's updated Land Use Circulation Element (LUCE). In order for the council to successfully do that, they need at least 4-out-of-5 council members to vote in favor of it.

You may recall back in October, the council fell one vote shy of an override. Dan Carpenter and out-going council member Kathy Smith both voted against the override plan.

At Tuesday night's meeting, Carpenter said his previous 'no' vote was 100 percent the right decision.

A couple of dozen people signed up to address the council, with approximately 3-out-of-4 supporting the override.