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Central Coast as wedding destination serves as initiative behind new assembly bill

Local Assemblymember Das Williams introduced a bill Monday that aims to mitigate issues surrounding large events such as weddings.

Williams says the Central Coast hosts many large weddings every year and big events like these create traffic and public safety problems for locals.

He says a lot out-of-towners host these weddings and many of them do not get permits.

The bill proposes that local governments can assess a larger fine for county land use and development code violations.

He says that under current law, the amount of money governments can fine is too low to deter people from violating codes.

"The Central Coast is just a popular destination place for weddings and those should not be a burden on local residents. Those folks should pay their own share, so that it is a benefit to local residents, not a burden," said Williams.

He says one of the basic ways to avoid burdening local taxpayers is to allow the local government to assess an appropriate fine that will convince those hosting large events to comply with County ordinances.

The bill, AB 514,  is sponsored by the County of Santa Barbara.