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Morro Bay rethinks law banning RV and boat parking on private property

Randol White
Morro Rock with the harbor in the foreground

The City of Morro Bay wants to hear from local residents about whether a law regarding the storage of boats and RVs should be enforced or dropped from the books. 

Council members have considered the 1995 code for a couple of years now. At issue is whether it should be illegal to park boats and RVs on private property.

Sam Taylor is the City's Deputy City Manager and said Monday that it won't be an easy conversation because there are strong feelings on both sides of the issue.

"Obviously people, in particular, who have a boat or trailer or an RV in their yard, probably want to keep it there," said Taylor. "We have heard from other folks though who are concerned kind of about the esthetic view of their neighborhood and their property values as well as safety."

Currently, the law is not being enforced unless there are health or safety concerns. Specifically, the city will target vehicles that have been inoperable for a long period of time or cases of illegal housing.

Another hot button aspect of the code has to with the heights of hedges.