Authorities say 'safe and sane' fireworks still pose threat

Jun 29, 2015

Fireworks sales started this weekend and 'safe and sane' registered fireworks are allowed in some places on the Central Coast.

However, because of the ongoing drought even those fireworks considered 'safe and sane' are a concern for fire crews. 

Credit Flickr member Nina Hale

Safe and sane fireworks are the ones that don't explode or launch into the air-- like sparklers.

Chief Robert Lewin with Cal Fire of San Luis Obispo County said 'safe and sane' fireworks pose a significant threat.

"There's still a problem because they involve people using something to ignite them,"  Chief Lewin said. "This is not the year to be playing with fire. This is not the time to be using fire in our areas that are prone to wild land fires."

California currently has record low fuel moisture in its wild lands.

Lewin said that although this time of year is typically considered 'high fire' season, the state has been in high fire season for two consecutive years.