COVID-19 testing available at San Luis Obispo Airport starting May 2

Apr 28, 2021

Beginning May 2, COVID-19 testing will be available at the San Luis Obispo Airport (SBP).

Inbound and outbound travelers and airport employees will be able to use the new testing facility voluntarily.

SBP is partnering with Templeton-based Nova Labs to administer two different types of tests.

People can choose between a saliva test with results available in four hours and a nasal swab with results available within 48 hours.

Courtney Pene is the deputy director of planning and outreach at SBP. She said each test will cost $100, but insurance companies are billed for the cost, so insured individuals will not be directly charged for a test.

Pene said the airport started planning for this testing capability in February in case federal or state regulation started requiring negative tests to fly.

Pene said testing is not required to board a flight, but SBP and the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department advise against traveling if you are sick or receive a positive COVID-19 test result.

“I think most people that are going to take the test — which is, again, voluntary — people are going to do it to provide that peace of mind whether it be for them, if they are going to visit a loved one or perhaps [they’re] going for work,” Pene said.

Ticketed passengers can schedule a test online at