Despite veto, Central Coast lawmaker prepared to work with Governor on new drone legislation

Sep 10, 2015

Central Coast Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) says she plans to work with Governor Brown on drone legislation after he vetoed her proposed law late Wednesday. 

Under the bill proposed by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) drones similar to this camera-equipped version would have been banned from flying within 350 feet above private property without permission.
Credit flickr member Don McCullough

SB 142 was designed to regulate where commercial drones can fly in California, setting up a "no fly zone" of 350 feet over private property unless permission is given.

Jackson said Thursday, despite support in the Assembly and Senate she was not surprised by the Governor's veto. She said the tech industry and big business lobbied hard to keep the legislation from getting signed into law.

"They really put together a full-court press that reflects industry's concerns, frankly, I think more than the concerns of the public, which I do believe share my sense of importance about developing limits for the use of drones over people's private property and invading their privacy," said Jackson.

Jackson said the veto does not create any bad blood between her and the governor. She's hoping to work with him in order to come up with a new plan that can satisfy his concerns while still protecting privacy rights.