Funding for new DMV office in Santa Maria survives state budget negotiations

Jun 16, 2015

A new Santa Maria DMV office aimed at relieving the pressures of a growing population will likely be built in the coming years.

Santa Maria's DMV field office was built for a population that was just a fraction of the area's current size.
Credit Google Maps - Street View

A budget deal was struck Tuesday by Democratic legislative leaders and Governor Jerry Brown. 

State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson's office says the DMV funding was not a target of negotiations, so it's believed it survived in the final document.

The funding includes an initial amount of $2.6 million that could be allocated as early as this fall. Total cost for the facility is estimated at $15.5 million.

The legislature is expected to approve the budget deal later this week and the governor is expected to sign it.

Santa Maria's current field office was built in 1969 and since then the city's population has tripled.