Issues & Ideas: Farmworking family housing in Salinas, SLO YIMBYism and flying trapeze

Feb 4, 2020

In this episode of Issues & Ideas, we discuss affordability and housing issues on the Central Coast. Greta Mart speaks with journalist Kate Cimini of the Salinas Californian newspaper and CalMatters about her reporting on Salinas farmworking families. In another segment, we learn more about San Luis Obispo County’s YIMBY movement. YIMBY means 'Yes In My Backyard,' and the grassroots group advocates for creating more affordable housing stock in established city neighborhoods.

Also, travel correspondent Tom Wilmer is celebrating 30 years with KCBX. Wilmer sits down in the studio with Tyler Pratt to talk about some of his favorite memories exploring countries across the world, and some hidden gems in our own backyard. Lastly, the Central Coast has a new option for getting fit. It's called aerial arts, also known as flying trapeze. This type of workout is newly available in Santa Barbara and we talk with a local aerial arts instructor about the fitness trend.