Lamers—Wisconsin’s last family owned dairy

May 24, 2018

Mark Lamers at his family owned dairy in Appleton, Wisconsin--the last family owned dairy in the state
Credit Thomas Wilmer

  Correspondent Tom Wilmer visits with Mark Lamers at his family owned dairy in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The Lamers family started their dairy in a basement back in 1913. 

Evolving with consumer demands the fifth generation family-run dairy is back to using glass bottles, and selling products online in addition to their retail store. Lamers Facebook

Glass bottle milk filling machine at Lamers Dairy in Appleton, Wisconsin
Credit Lamers Dairy

Milk is sourced from nearby family farms and the family pays a premium to source 100 percent hormone additive-free milk. 

Lamers Dairy & Store Appleton, Wisconsin
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Lamers’ Dairyland’s Best products retain a fond loyal following and regularly take home first-place awards in the prestigious annual World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Products contest.

Lamers Dairy logo
Credit Lamers Dairy

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