Morro Bay’s WWII Hero Tugboat Finds a New Home

May 29, 2016

Morro Bay Maritime Museum board member, Judy Salamacha talks with correspondent, Tom Wilmer about the June 4th and 5th festivities celebrating the historic tugboat, Alma’s new home, adjacent to the Naval DSRV deep sea rescue submarine and the USCG rescue vessel.

Days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a Japanese submarine torpedoed the oil tanker, Montebello off the coast of Cambria.

The tugboat Alma raced to the scene and rescued the crew members as the Montebello sunk. Forever since, the Alma has been revered by Central Coast residents. June 2nd 2016, the Alma will be transported by truck and trailer to her new home at the Maritime Museum of Morro Bay, located adjacent to the old PG&E power plant.

A chicken BBQ lunch barbeque is slated for Sunday June 5th from noon to 2 p.m. Tickets for the BBQ are available at Coalesce Books 845 Main Street, downtown Morro Bay.