fishery management

Spencer Marley

Ray Richardson and other California commercial fishermen are ready to start this year's salmon season, only he faces a shorter window than last year.

"I'm putting the davits on, the gurdies on, and putting the trolling wire on. Then, go to get some ice, put the gear on, and go fishing," Richardson said.

Jessica Dieny

Dozens of dead fish can be seen lining the shores of San Luis Obispo's rapidly evaporating Laguna Lake, and when you're there in person, it doesn't take long before the smell of rotting fish hits you.

Along the shoreline of the shallow Laguna Lake are numerous fish at varying stages of decomposition. Local homeowner Phil Bonjour has a house overlooking what's left of the lake, and he says the area has become a complete disgrace.

"I refer to it as the Laguna Dump because it looks like--over on the other side of the lake--a dump, and it stinks," said Bonjour.

Issues & Ideas: air date 08-28-2013

Aug 28, 2013

  • There's a new federally-mandated fishery management system on the west coast called Catch Shares -- and it's making both fishermen and environmentalists happy.