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Transit agency snags King City land, could see federal funding for project

Monterey-Salinas Transit,

A major Central Coast transportation agency is making moves to cut down on its operating costs. 

Monterey-Salinas Transit, which runs south to Paso Robles, secured nearly five acres of land in King City for an additional operating site.

Carl Sedorykis the General Manager and CEO of the agency and said a number of MST employees live in King City and commute to Northern Monterey County.

With about 20 MST Vehicles starting or closing the day in Southern Monterey County or Northern San Luis Obispo County, MST had been in need of a second facility in the King City area for fueling, light maintenance and dispatching.

Sedoryk said MST got the land at the right time.

"A lot of industrial marijuana growing facilities are being purchased, I don’t know if it’s speculation going on, but just over the past six months, we’ve seen comparable parcels double in value since we’ve been locked in at our purchase agreement price," said Sedoryk.

The additional facility should create short-term and long-term jobs, during construction and transit-related jobs, respectively.

In terms of financing the project, MST is able to access low interest federal funding because of King City’s designation as a ‘rural community.’

Additionally, with the amount of fuel that will be conserved having a second facility, the project could also be financed through California Cap-and-Trade.

There is yet to be an estimated completion date.