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Arroyo Grande to consider Stage I drought restrictions

City of Arroyo Grande Facebook Page

The City of Arroyo Grande will soon consider moving into Stage I drought conservation status according to Mayor Pro Tem Kristen Barneich. She said Wednesday night that staff is working on a proposal for the council to consider at an upcoming meeting.

Barneich said she believes the report will be recieved by council either at the next meeting on April 28, or the following meeting on May 12.

Tuesday night, the council approved new measures to help meet the governor's water reduction demands of 25 percent.

Barneich said more can be done, but the approved measures are a solid start. 

"The city is going to reduce their watering by 50 percent, so that's pretty concrete," said Barneich. "I think that will save a lot of water, [the city is] trying to lead by example so that perhaps residents will do the same."

In addition, the city plans to schedule in-person meetings with the area's top 100 water users in an effort to come up with conservation options. You may also see those electronic message signs placed along busy roads in the city with reminders of "no water" days.

Other measures include:

  • Reminder notices mailed to residents regarding ongoing restrictions
  • Increased enforcement against those wasting water
  • A monthly Water Conservation Champion recognized by the city