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Agriculture burn bans lifted for portion of Central Coast

Flickr member: James Jones

San Luis Obispo County Cal Fire says we've received enough rain on the Central Coast to lift an unusual burn ban for agriculture. 

Chief Robert Lewin said during normal non-drought periods, ag burning is allowed year round by permit, but the county had to suspend that practice this past summer.

"When we get into severe conditions like we've had over the last couple years, we've had to institute a burn suspension so that no burning was allowed, because the threat from an ignition from a burn operation could cause a severe wild land fire." said Chief Lewin.

Lewin said we have not yet received enough rain to lift the ban on backyard burning.

Monterey County lifted that county's ag ban last week and backyard burns are scheduled to start December first.

Santa Barbara County Fire said its bans are is still in place and there is no predicted date at this point to lift the ag ban, it all depends on how much rain the county sees in the coming weeks. 

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