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City of Goleta approves parking restrictions in anticipation of Isla Vista Halloween crowds

City of Goleta

The City of Goleta is preparing for the upcoming Halloween weekend by cracking down on parking in neighborhoods adjacent to Isla Vista.

City leaders say residents will get two free temporary street parking permits for each household. Only residents with valid permits will be able to park on the streets in the affected area between noon on Friday, October 31 and Sunday, November 2 at 6 a.m.

Permits will be delivered by the USPS before October 27, according to the City of Goleta.  Those who do not receive their permit are asked to contact the Neighborhood Services Department at (805) 961-7556 to make arrangements for a replacement.

Vehicles without permits will be cited and towed at the owner's expense.

Law enforcement officers and tow trucks are expected to be visible throughout the weekend during the enforcement period, but the city says no road access will be restricted.

The parking lots at Girsh Park, the Albertsons Shopping Center and Camino Real Marketplace will be open to the public during daylight hours only.

The following streets are affected by the temporary parking restrictions for Halloween weekend:

Cannon Green Drive from Hollister Avenue to Phelps Rd; the entirety of Chapman Place; the entirety of Lowell Way; Davenport Road from Pacific Oaks to its western terminus; the entirety of Elmhurst Place; the entirety of Freeman Place; the entirety of Greensboro Street; the entirety of Hillsboro Way; the entirety of Hillsboro Street; the entirety of Evanston Place; the entirety of Fordham Place; the entirety of Georgetown Road; the entirety of La Salle Road; Pacific Oaks Road from Hollister Avenue to Marymount Way; Phelps Road from Storke Road to Cannon Green Drive; the entirety of Reed Court; Armstrong Road from Mills Way to Reed Court; Marymount Way from Scripps Crescent to Reed Court; the entirety of Scripps Crescent; the entirety of Pitzer Court; the entirety of Pepperdine Court; the entirety of Pomona Court; the entirety of Mills Way; the entirety of Linfield Place; Whittier Drive from Storke Road to Mills Way; Whitman Street from Phelps Road to Whittier Drive.