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Tiny Homes, Simple Living – Complex Regulations

Broadcast date: 6/1/2017

Just turn on the T.V. and you’ll find tiny homes are everywhere! While tiny homes aren’t for everyone, they have the potential to provide affordable housing solutions for certain segments of the community. Whether it be temporary housing for a homeless individual, a permanent residence for someone looking to simplify their lifestyle, or as an accessory unit to a primary residence, tiny homes can provide an attractive solution. And while these tiny homes have sparked a big trend, many municipalities have been unprepared for them from a code perspective, and so they have brought with them numerous challenges for would-be owners, builders and city officials alike.

Join host Kris Kington-Barker as she speaks with guests Becky Jorgeson, Hope’s Village of San Luis Obispo and Michael Codron, Community Development Director, City of San Luis Obispo as they discuss the benefits and challenges of tiny living, and how new laws and regulations may make it easier for you to be part of the revolution.

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