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Bomb threat temporarily vacates all San Luis Obispo City buses

Spencer Marley

Local law enforcement are still investigating a bomb threat that shut down city buses Wednesday morning in San Luis Obispo.

San Luis Obispo Police determined there were no bombs present and that the threat was false, after searching all city buses with a specially-trained K-9 team.

Police have a man in custody, who they say boarded San Luis Obispo Transit and told riders of a possible bomb on one of the city's buses.

The closed SLO Transit routes forced student riders, like Cullen Conboy, to find other ways to campus.

"I figure that if they stopped it [the busses], that they were taking it seriously," Conboy said. "And if they're ready to send the busses back out again then they probably have it covered. I normally ride the bus to school every day and back, so it's inconvenient, but I have other ways to get to school."

Cal Poly notified students through a campus-wide email alert. The brief message warned of the bomb threat and said that city bus routes were closed.

To Conboy, the incident was inconvenient, but left little lasting concern about safety on campus.

" I don't feel really threatened by this indicent today," Conboy said. "But, you know, knock on wood."

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