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KCBX Two-Way: Political attack ads begin in SLO County as the March primary election approaches

Courtesy of The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Incumbent John Peschong (right) ran an attack ad against his opponent Stephanie Shakofsky days before she officially filed her paperwork to run.

The 2020 election is just around the corner, and this time the California primary is much earlier—in March—and this means you can soon expect to be bombarded with ads, flyers, and yes, even attack ads.

One such attack ad was recently heard on radio stations across San Luis Obispo County. It criticized a candidate days before she had officially filed her paperwork to run for office. That office is the District 1 north county seat on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors. It's currently held by John Peschong, who is seeking reelection and being challenged by Stephanie Shakofsky.

Reporter Monica Vaughan of the San Luis Obispo Tribune recently spoke to both candidates to unpack the ad and get each of their takes on it. She spoke with KCBX’s Tyler Pratt to discuss her findings and the kind of political battles San Luis Obispo County voters may experience over the next few months, as three board supervisors fight to keep their seats. Click the 'Play' button above to hear their conversation.

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