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Clean-up crews recover marine life, no oily water

Refugio Response

As clean-up efforts continue off the Gaviota Coast, officials say no oily water has been recovered since last week.

  More than 14-thousand gallons of oily water has been recovered in total with the help of vessels skimming the water. The Environmental Unit is assessing the scene to determine what is natural seepage, and what is from this particular spill. 

Crews are also working to recover marine life.  Kelly Parker is with the coast guard and said that of the live birds they've collected, mostly brown pelicans have been admitted to a facility for care.

Marine Life update:

  • 60 live birds collected
  • 156 dead birds collected 
  • 45 live marine mammals: 38 California sea lions, 6 northern elephant seals, 1 harbor seal.
  • 83 dead marine mammals: 14 dolphins, 61 sea lions, 1 elephant seal and 7 unidentified mammals.

Of the live, captured animals, 15 marine mammals and 11 birds have died in care. 
Officials say some of the dead animals collected had visible oiling and some did not. They will not know the official cause of the deaths until the animals are necropsied.

Parker said their focus this week will be to remove oil from beach cobble and rock face.