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Cal Poly students weigh fall housing options

Alexa Kushner
Rooms in the Valencia student housing complex start around $855 a month and the fall lease begins Sept. 13 for Cal Poly students.

Both incoming and current students at San Luis Obispo’s Cal Poly university are looking at their living situation for next school year, and the promise of fewer virtual classes in the fall.

The California State University system announced classes are likely to be held in-person for the fall of 2021, but hasn’t released official plans.

The possibility of in-person classes means students will need to find housing in San Luis Obispo and decide whether or not to live off-campus.

Business administration freshman Bridget Jerue said the choice to stay close to campus in a sorority house next year was an easy one, for both her and her parents.

“My parents were very in support of the idea of me going and still having somewhat of a college experience,” Jerue said. “Even if it’s not the same as it would be usually.”

Although Jerue’s parents are enthusiastic about her having a college experience, Jerue said other parents have different opinions.

“A lot of people’s parents do not want them to move out here in the fall because of how expensive it is to live out here—for learning online actually,” Jerue said.

Public health junior Samantha Serna said searching for a place off-campus for her final year is something she’s exploring.

“I’m in a pretty hard major so it’s kind of hard to concentrate at home,” Serna said. “Plus it is my senior year and I want to be around my friends, so we’ve decided that even if stuff is online, I’m going to end up moving back for my last year.”

With all of the uncertainty surrounding next fall, Serna said the local housing market doesn’t seem as busy as it normally is around this time of year.

“I haven't seen any housing stuff yet,” Serna said. “Usually around this time everyone is already trying to find housing or housing is already gone.”

The demand for housing in San Luis Obispo may increase as more concrete plans for fall quarter form.

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