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Fire rings to be pulled early this year from Port San Luis beaches

Flickr member Michael Newton

The ongoing drought will soon affect your ability to enjoy a fire at a popular spot in San Luis Obispo County for toasting marshmallows and listening to the waves.

The fire rings will be removed following this coming Labor Day Weekend at Olde Port Beach within the Port San Luis Harbor District in an effort to reduce wildfire risk.

The concern is over hot, windy weather that could blow embers onto the adjacent hillsides.

Port San Luis Harbor Manager Steve McGrath says the fire rings are removed along the beach every fall as late as the week following Thanksgiving, and they're replaced in the spring.

"The only thing we're doing differently this year is taking them off early," said McGrath. "They'll be back in the spring and we're praying for a wet winter."

The district is also warning that fires within rock rings and portable fire pits are also banned.