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Goleta post office boxes removed then replaced after outrage

Kay Lee Ahnemann
Two post office boxes were replaced after public outrage

The recent removal of two Goleta post office boxes sparked outrage from locals and Congressman Salud Carbajal. In response, the USPS re-installed the boxes outside the Patterson Avenue post office Monday evening.

“It made me and, I think, the public very suspect about why these boxes were removed," Congressman Salud Carbajal said. "Basically it put in motion inquiries from my office to find out why this was the case.”

Congressman Carbajal said when his office investigated the removal of the boxes, the post office said it was because of increased mail theft from those boxes. But the removal of USPS boxes nationwide comes while President Trump has been facing off with Democrats over funding the Postal Service. Carbajal opposes cuts to the agency. "This administration has embarked on an assault of the United States Postal Service," Carbajal said. "We need to make sure this very important institution continues to be funded at the appropriate levels.”

With funding for the USPS in limbo, a Central Coast postal worker, who did not want to give her name, says the uncertainty is nerve-racking. “ I’m just trying to get through it day by day. A lot is happening all at once and it’s kind of up in the air. So, I have no control over what happens.” She says people can help postal workers by buying stamps and other post office products.

San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon is also encouraging people to reach out to their representatives and take the time to appreciate postal workers. “I think on a more human level, it's a great opportunity to just remember what a crucial public service the post office is," Harmon said. "Maybe take a moment to reach out to your postal carrier, maybe leave them a note on your mailbox to just tell them how much you appreciate them.”

Meiko Patton, a Postal Service public information officer, told KCBX that, given the recent customer concerns, the postal service will postpone removing boxes for 90 days until after the Nov. 3 general election.