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Asista helps immigrant survivors of gender violence; and Peace Love and Pets offers summer safety tips

Meet Kirsten Rambo, executive director of Asista and learn about the gains they've made toward helping immigrant survivors of violence, in her conversation with KCBX's Betsey Nash. Also, Robin Coleman speaks about pet safety with local mobile veterinarian Dr. Raffy Dorian on Peace, Love & Pets.

Carol started as a newsroom volunteer at KCBX in the summer of 2017, inspired by her daughter's internship with KCBX News. She joined the KCBX staff in January, 2018. Carol started her radio career at Cal Poly’s KCPR, then moved on to become the director of programming and a morning host at KKUS (US98). Her voice was heard on advertisements and on KSBY TV for many years as well.
Betsey moved from Burbank to the central coast to attend Poly in January of '69, only to be greeted by a horse tied to a tree in front of the English building. "Oh no, what have I done!": Her culture shock didn't end there: there were vacant lots between the houses! People drove on the beach! And, oh look at those gorgeous green hills! A tradition that she and her roommates embraced was started when their Morro Bay neighbors brought a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies and a jug of Pesenti Zinfandel Rose over to help them get through mid-terms and finals weeks. The place became home.
Robin Coleman is the host of the monthly “Peace, Love & Pets” segment on Issues & Ideas. She interviews members of the community who are working to protect animal welfare.