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Issues & Ideas
Mondays, 1:00PM - 2:00PM

Issues and Ideas is a show that features a wide variety of voices sharing their thoughts and perspectives about local people, issues and events on the Central Coast. You might hear a policy maker discussing new regulation, an artist sharing his creative process, an entrepreneur exploring sustainable business practices, or an author talking about her latest book.

Regular contributors and segments include: the KCBX News team; travel correspondent Tom Wilmer's Journeys of Discovery; Father Ian Delinger's Playing With Food; Betsey Nash's The Grape Nut; Santa Barbara correspondent Beth Thornton; Literary Reviews by Brian Reynolds; Dr. Consuelo Meux's Nonprofit Story; Robin Coleman on animal welfare; Stu Soren on local issues; and Kim Bisheff on local government; along with many other occasional contributors from our Central Coast community. Carol Tangeman produces and edits the program.

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