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Central Coast lawmaker takes less 'targeted' approach with new drone legislation

flickr member Don McCullough

 A local lawmaker is hoping her legislation will determine how drones can operate in California.

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson introduced a bill this week that would set comprehensive limits on where drones can fly. 

Last year, the governor vetoed Jackson's drone bill, which focused on Californian's privacy. Jackson said the previous legislation was "more targeted" than SB 868, which she said sets broad guidelines for how drones can operate.

"This whole issue of drones is part of a high-tech 'Wild West' and it's really important that we start setting some ground rules and creating a framework for the use of drones in society, because we know they have many innovative and extremely valuable uses, which we want to encourage," said Jackson. 

Among other parameters, the bill would limit drone use over state parks and near critical infrastructure, including hospitals and bridges.

The bill's first hearing has yet to be set.

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