SCRAP SF--America's first creative reuse center for teachers

Oct 31, 2016

Michael Bongiorni, President of non-profit SCRAP in San Francisco
Credit SCRAP

When SCRAP was formed 40 years ago, it was America’s first creative reuse center. San Francisco based, SCRAP (Scroungers’ Center for Reusable Art Parts) assists teachers by providing free and low cost supplies. Through donations of reusable art supplies, each year more than 200 tons of materials are diverted from landfills.

SCRAP partners with hotels such as the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, numerous other hotels, businesses and corporations.

Examples of gleaned art supplies include corporate paperwork printed with the wrong logo, fabric samples from interior designers, industrial discards, leftover foam-core signage from corporate conferences, pillows from hotels, and much more.

Join correspondent Tom Wilmer at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square where Hilton’s Community Projects Manager, Jo Licata introduces us to Michael Bongiorni, President of the Board at SCRAP.

Licata and Bongiorni talk about the many ways the Hilton and other City hotels, businesses, and corporations have come up with creative reuse donations.

Credit SCRAP

SCRAP’s creative reuse programs include workshops, Teachers’ Give-Aways, field trips, art tables at community events, and creative reuse art exhibitions.

All of SCRAPs activities serve to educate, reuse materials, and inspire creativity.

SCRAP is grateful for major support from San Francisco’s Department of the Environment, San Francisco Unified School District, Altamont EAB, Vital Projects Fund, individuals and business donors.

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