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Paso Robles holds active shooter drill Wednesday

Courtesy of the Paso Daily News
The drill is being held at the now-closed Bauer Speck magnet school campus.

If you see police and emergency responders converging around a Paso Robles school site on Wednesday, it’s just a drill. The Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services is holding an active shooter training exercise at an empty school campus on 17th Street.

Passersby can expect to see “police cars and fire trucks outside,” said Battalion Chief Brian Lewis with the city of Paso Robles. “They may see some command vehicles, but most of the involvement will be actually inside the school campus.”

Lewis said starting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, around 30 people from three different agencies will carry out the drill at the former Bauer Speck campus at 401 17th Street; an exercise the city’s emergency services department has been planning for a few months.

“We’ve been working on it before summer started, and they recently closed a school campus in town—they're going to tear it down in November—and it just presented the perfect opportunity to do this training now,” Lewis said.

While the city’s emergency response agencies won’t be using it during Wednesday’s drill, Lewis urges Paso Robles residents to sign up for the Reverse 911 system. That uses a database of telephone numbers and associated addresses, so that when there’s an emergency, the system will call impacted residents. Lewis said if there were a real active shooter event, it would be a case when surrounding residents would get a telephone call alerting them to the danger.

The Paso Robles active shooter training drill is expected to last from 9 a.m. through the mid-afternoon on August 14.

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