High school students in Santa Barbara County have not had on-campus classes in almost a year. Aiming to change that, some students started a unique competition. 

Lauren Milbourne, Cuesta College

Students at community colleges along the Central Coast are preparing for graduation ceremonies this spring. 

Vice President Joe Biden has issued a special video statement for UC Santa Barbara's graduating class of 2014, which was sent to all students and some 21,000 alumni.

The message is in response to a petition created by outgoing senior Kyley Scarlet, the Internal Vice President for the Associated Students, who was pulling for a commencement address by First Lady Michelle Obama.

New Beginnings

May 30, 2014

During this season of graduations, weddings, and new beginnings it may be tempting to impart a wish for happiness to those we are celebrating.  But sharing that simple wish for “Happiness” as a life goal may be more of a burden than a blessing for those just starting out.  Tune in for A Conversation with the Reluctant Therapist, Elizabeth Barrett for a discussion about helpful ways to offer good wishes and support without creating stress or confusion for those we love.  Your calls with questions or comments are welcomed and encouraged.  

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There is a push to help control the number of drunk Cal Poly students attending this year's morning graduation ceremonies.

San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx says she was asked by leaders on campus to help organize a discussion with local bar owners. At issue, is the tradition of students hitting the bars very early on graduation morning and then, in some cases, being too inebriated to follow through with their ceremony.

The mayor says in some cases the graduates can't walk, disrupt the ceremony, and have even vomited on themselves.