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The human side of Civil War soldiers, from dress, diet to disease and letters home

Thomas Wilmer

National Park Ranger Lee White specializes in the human aspects of the Civil War soldiers, what they ate, the clothes and boots they wore, the diseases that killed them by the thousands, and their emotional state of being as documented in their poignant letters home.

Straddling the border between Northern Georgia and Tennessee, the battle of Chickamauga occurred in the fall and winter of 1863.

It was one of the bloodiest Civil War battles, and in commemoration the site was established as the first National Military Park in 1890, and is one of the first National Park sites in America.

Join correspondent Tom Wilmer reporting from Chickamauga National Military Park at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia with Park Ranger Lee White.

Credit Thomas Wilmer
National Park Ranger, Lee White, in period Civil War costume at Chickamauga National Battlefield Park.

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