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Santa Barbarans kick it up a notch on water conservation this summer

Santa Barbara Department of Public Works

New City of Santa Barbara statistics show its water customers are increasing their conservation rates as we move closer to the end of summer.

Joshua Haggmark is the Acting Water Resources Manager and says revised numbers for July show a 20 percent reduction—on target with what the city was asking. August was even better with a 25 percent.

"Whater the community is doing, keep doing it," says Haggmark. "I know for each individual property owner it's a little bit different, but in general if folks can keep up with what they're working on, it's exactly what we need."

Santa Barbara's new water year starts October 1. Haggmark says this momentum will help the city meet a 20 percent goal that he calls "critical."

Plan are still moving forward for the city to restart the mothballed desalination plant as well.

Should the drought last into 2017, the plant could provide a third or more of the city's potable water according to new estimates from Public Works.

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