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State lists several Central Coast groundwater basins as 'Critically Overdrafted'


Several Central Coast groundwater basins are on a California Department of Water Resources (DWR) draft list of water supplies that are tagged as being in critical overdraft. 

These groundwater supplies include basins serving Los Osos, Paso Robles, Cuyama and a portion of the Salinas Valley.

The California Water Commission will address the list at a meeting in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and public comment will be welcomed by the DWR next week.

DWR Senior Engineering Geologist Dane Mathis said Tuesday that being on this list does not have any legal repercussions for those districts—like Paso Robles—working to form a local groundwater management entity.

The state lists seawater intrusion as a problem for the Los Osos basin... and vineyard expansion as a reason for the depletion in Paso Robles.