Brian Reynolds

Host of Issues and Ideas

Brian was born in Visalia, CA, and spent many years in the Central Valley before leaving for college at UC Berkeley. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from UCB, and two Master’s degrees (UCLA and CSU Chico…Library Science and Public Administration). He lived abroad for two years in Spanish-speaking countries (Spain and Nicaragua) and is fluent in Spanish. He spent his career as a public librarian, serving as a Library Director for over 30 years. He retired from the Director position at the SLO County Library in 2013.

Brian has always been interested in radio and has produced, narrated, and performed on a variety of radio programs. He is particularly interested in Low Power FM radio and its potential for community building. Brian is married to Diane, They have two married sons and two grand daughters.

Brian Reynolds talks with Mark Arnold, author of the new novel Monster: The Early Life of Mary Shelley. It's a fictionalized telling of the story behind the woman who gave us Frankenstein.

Brian Reynolds interviews Rick London, CEO of United Way SLO and Chair of the Board of Directors Hans Poschman to discuss the history and leadership of the United Way.

Issues and Ideas Producer Brian Reynolds speaks with Charlie Shoemake, a jazz vibraphonist and educator.

Brian Reynolds has a conversation about bilingual education, which was once deemed illegal in California, with Lisa Callejos from the San Luis Obispo Office of Education and parents from San Luis Obispo's Pacheco Elementary.

International Baccalaureate

Brian Reynolds explores the International Baccalaureate Programs at Grover Beach Elementary School. His guests are James Snyder, the principal of Grover Beach Elementary and Petra Reynolds, Grover Beach Elementary's International Baccalaureate Coordinator.

Bike SLO County

San Luis Obispo County Library Volunteer Brian Reynolds speaks with Bike SLO County leaders Dan Revoir and Vanessa Davis.

San Luis Obispo County

  • Host: Brian Reynolds
  • Guest: Whitney Szentesi

View the San Luis Obispo County 2015 Annual Report online 

Broadcast date: 02/24/16

Brian Reynolds speaks with librarians from the Cuesta College and San Luis Obispo County Libraries about the Cuesta book of the year, The Barbarian Nurseries, by Hector Tobar.

Thanks to Shawn Thorpe for editing help this week.

Broadcast date: 1/27/16

Brian Reynolds speaks with Mary Jacka and Corrie Arellano with California Rural Legal Assistance. 

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Brian Reynolds speaks with SLO County Library Director Chris Barnickel and SLO Makerspace CEO Clint Slaughter about their upcoming partnership and how this collaboration will redefine the kind of access a library card gives you and how making things can bring the community together. 

Cal Poly Music Department

Brian Reynolds speaks with Christopher Woodruff about Cal Poly bands and being a classical musician on the Central Coast. Hear pieces by these bands and some trumpet excerpts from Woodruff.

Broadcast Date: 09/23/2015

Host Brian Reynolds talks with two local educators about helping non-English speaking students succeed

Broadcast: 08/26/2015

Jaqueline Valle Fredericks, President of the San Luis Obispo Latino Outreach Council, explains the history, purpose, and goals of her organization and how it pertains to national and local discussions on immigration. 

Brian Reynolds speaks with Mike White of Boo Boo Records in downtown San Luis Obispo. The store celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. They'll discuss the store and the future of music.

Join Brian Reynolds with the San Luis Obispo County Library for a discussion of Bruce Lee, martial arts, elections and voting with new San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong.

Guests from the SLO County library and Cuesta College library discuss 

Brian Reynolds speaks with guests will be Jim Galvez, who served as a corpsman in a Medical Unit, and Tom Patchel, with the Veterans' Writing Project.

Author Interview: Odell Bennett Lee

Jan 28, 2015

Brian Reynolds speaks with Odell Bennett Lee, local Author of The Formative Years of an African-American Spy: A Memoir la lead into Black History Month at San Luis Obispo County Libraries.

Broadcast date: 8/27/14

Brian Reynolds talks with author, playwright and novelist Victoria Zackheim about her upcoming appearance with novelist Anne Perry at the 30th annual Central Coast Writers Conference in September.

Obon Festival

Jul 28, 2014

Broadcast date: 7/30/2014

Brian Reynolds interviews the organizers of a cultural institution on the Central Coast.  We’ll hear from Obon Festival event coordinator Tom Nishikawa, and members of the Imichi Taiko Performance Drumming and Odori Dance Company as they prepare to present Japanese and Buddhist Culture to our community.

Brian Reynolds speaks with new Los Osos Librarian, Chase McMunn and families from Los Osos who are planning the sixth annual Los Osos Library Children’s Craft Faire. Last year the event was attended by over 500 visitors. Learn what it takes to put on one of the biggest children's events in the San Luis Obispo County Library system, and why this event helps parents and children start thinking about their pocketbooks at an early age.

Brian Reynolds talks with Paul Ready and Russ Lovell as they prepare to embark on the creation of a 33 acre park that will accommodate children with all physical abilities. Learn how this pursuit was started and how close Jack’s Helping Hands are to reaching their goal.

Three libraries in San Luis Obispo County are expanding, or have recently expanded.  Brian Reynolds visits with the San Luis Obispo Friends of the Library to find out what's in store for us as a result of library growth.

Brian Reynolds interviews three librarians from SLO County Libraries and Cuesta College, who share insight into the Cuesta College Book of the Year, Orange is the New Black.  They'll talk about upcoming events surrounding the Book of the Year celebrations, discuss issues of incarceration, and how community reading experiences bring people together and create opportunities to share ideas and engage in conversation.

Proof of Guilt

Jan 29, 2014

Cal Poly Professor Kathleen Cairns talks with Brian Reynolds about her book Proof of Guilt: Barbara Graham and the Politics of Executing Women in America.

Local author Gary Williams has a new book out that recounts his adventures as a horse and dog trainer, and contract cowboy. Marisa Waddell talks with him about the valuable lessons he's learned along the way.

Also, Travel Correspondent Tom Wilmer takes us to the north side of Omaha, Nebraska, a hub of American jazz and blues since the 1920s, where he visits Love's Jazz and Art Center.

Marisa Waddell

  • Correspondent Tom Wilmer visits with the owners of Olea Farm in Templeton, to learn about California's distinctive olive oils.  We'll learn what the term "extra-virgin, first press" really means, and what some of the differences are between European and California olive oils.
  • Also, it is estimated that 10 to 40 million parrots live in the United States as pets.