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Issues and Ideas
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Issues and Ideas is a show that features a wide variety of voices sharing their thoughts and perspectives about local people, issues and events on the Central Coast. You might hear a policy maker discussing new regulation, an artist sharing his creative process, an entrepreneur exploring sustainable business practices, or an author talking about her latest book.

Regular contributors and segments include: travel correspondent Tom Wilmer's Journeys of Discovery, Father Ian Delinger's Playing With Food, Betsey Nash's The Grape Nut, Santa Barbara correspondent Beth Thornton, Literary Reviews by Brian Reynolds, Dr. Consuelo Meux's Nonprofit Story.

Latest Episodes
  • On this week’s episode of Issues & Ideas you’ll learn about some new services the SLO County Libraries are offering, including online job training. KCBX contributor Brian Reynolds speaks with Sharon Coronado, Coordinating Librarian. Also, Camp Natoma opened as a Camp Fire Girls camp in 1941- and today it offers all campers the chance to sleep under the stars. Executive Director Emily Zbin talks with Dr. Consuelo Meux on the Nonprofit Story. And finally, there's still time to enjoy the bounty of persimmons this season. There are two main types here on the Central Coast, and Father Ian learns how to tell them apart and prepare them on Playing With Food.
  • In this week’s episode of The Nonprofit Story you’ll hear from Biz Steinberg and Jack Lahey of CAPSLO, or Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo. They’ll talk about the variety of services available through CAPSLO. KCBX correspondent Tom Wilmer reports from rural Missouri, where he came across a small high school where the students repurposed an old school bus into a thriving campus coffee shop. Finally, on today's episode of Playing With Food, Father Ian explores a new local business- The Kitchen Terminal, where chefs can rent kitchen space and food trucks can park.
  • During the holidays, many of us enjoy playing with food. In Mexico and for many Mexican-American families, Christmas is tamale time. Here's a popular holiday episode of Playing With Food from the KCBX archives. Michael Young is the executive director of the Foundation at Hearst Castle- formerly Friends of Hearst Castle. Today we'll hear some stories about a very different life he led before he and his family moved to the Central Coast. On this week's Nonprofit Story, host Dr. Consuelo Meux talks to Bobby Naimark of the JCC Federation about the work they do in the community.
  • Kim Bisheff hosts “Agenda Breakdown": help the city of San Luis Obispo make policy decisions by volunteering on an advisory committee. Author Stuart McDowell has a new book about the Japanese torpedo sinking of the oil tanker off the Cambria coast in December 1941: “The Sinking of the S.S. Montebello”. He speaks with KCBX’s Tom Wilmer. A UC Santa Barbara physics professor Steven Giddings is dedicated to solving the “paradox” of black hole information and the laws that govern our universe. KCBX intern Shayna Weldon reports. Monarch butterfly populations are in decline but butterflies have returned to the Central Coast in higher numbers this winter. Contributor Beth Thornton reports.
  • On this edition of Issues & Ideas, you’ll hear from journalist Ivor Davis, who was a witness to pivotal moments in Southern California and U.S. history while reporting for the London Daily Express. On the Nonprofit Story, host Dr. Consuelo Muex speaks with Eric Ream, the Executive Director of Animals in Need Fund. The SLO Chamber's Jim Dantona has a conversation with FrameWorks’ Ali Jensen about being the second generation owner of a business, in this edition of Working Lunch. And finally, Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, recalls the miracle of a one-day’s supply of lamp oil lasting a full eight days, and Fr. Ian learns how oil takes center stage in the preparation of the holiday treats on this episode of Playing With Food.
  • UC Santa Barbara is proposing to build a “megadorm” that would house 4,500 students. Get some tips on which wines to serve with your Thanksgiving meal as the Grape Nut, Betsey Nash, continues her conversation with local sommelier Jenna Congdon. Cambria clock shop owner offers insights about timepieces old and new. On “Playing with Food,” Father Ian visits Stepladder Ranch and Creamery near Cambria to show you how every aspect of the life of their goat herd is part of making a high-quality cheese.
  • Agenda Breakdown host Kim Bisheff explains how the local redistricting process works, and highlights the ways residents can get involved. Also, Betsey Nash, the “Grape Nut” sat down with local sommelier Jenna Congdon to learn some useful wine terms. Orchestra Novo’s Artistic Director Michael Nowak, and musician Inga Swearingen talk to Ben Purper about the upcoming November 20th performance.
  • Morro Bay resident U.S. retired Navy Commander Kenneth Vogel talks about his three tours of duty in Vietnam as a Seabee. Also, the owner of the Backlots, Dane Hodgson, and Cal Poly CIE's John Townsend, talk about collaborative workspaces. Finally, Sierra Hull, an American bluegrass singer-songwriter, talks about life and music.
  • KCBX contributor Tom Wilmer visits with Santa Barbara author Bee Bloeser. Her new book is Vaccines & Bayonets: Fighting Smallpox in Africa amid Tribalism, Terror, and the Cold War. The SLO Chamber's Executive Director Jim Dantona, speaks with Erica A. Stewart, San Luis Obispo's new mayor. On the Nonprofit Story, host Dr. Consuelo Meux focuses on the SLO Food Bank, in a conversation with Executive Director Garret Olson.
  • There is no shortage of fresh foods on the Central Coast, but some people still go hungry. GleanSLO is a SLO Food Bank program aimed at getting fresh food to those who need it. October 25-29 is Media Literacy Week and Beth Thornton will speak with journalism professor Dr. Bobbie Eisenstock about media literacy education and the recent congressional hearings regarding social media. Also, you'll hear the second episode of Kim Bisheffs podcast "Agenda Breakdown", where she explores how a city's decisions are made and how you can participate.