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Local lawmakers on Brown's sustainability goals

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Some Central Coast lawmakers are supportive of aspects of Governor Jerry Brown's Inaugural speech Monday.

Brown touched on the budget and stressed the importance of education and sustainability for the future of California.

Assemblymember Das Williams (D- Santa Barbara) says he agrees with the Governor's vision for the future and says that Brown focused on issues directly affecting the Central Coast.

"One [issue] is progress on how much we have increased education funding in the last four years. And secondly, what I'm incredibly excited about is a very strong statement on renewable energy, energy efficiency and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as a state," said Williams.

Williams says he wants to make sure the Central Coast is a place of energy innovation and plans to work on 'green jobs' moving forward.

However not all are in favor of Brown's three major energy goals. Local AssemblymemberKatchoAchadjian (R- San Luis Obispo) criticized Brown's sustainability goals for being too aggressive.

Achadjian said, "it sounds very attractive from an environmental point of view. And yes we need to take leadership in California, but at what expense?" 

He said that he wasn't enthusiastic about this announcement because Brown didn't provide guidelines for how California could reach these goals.

However, Achadjian said that he is happy about the budget, as the State plans to repay money borrowed from schools and local governments and that this is 'good news' for these entities. 

Governor Brown heads Tuesday to Fresno for the High-Speed Rail project's official ground breaking ceremony.