Paso Robles groundwater management bill heads to Governor Brown's desk for signing

Aug 18, 2014

A bill in Sacramento aimed at creating a Paso Robles groundwater management district is on its way to the governor's desk after passing in the Assembly Monday 51 to 4.

AB 2453 was introduced by Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian (R-San Luis Obispo) this past spring and had undergone a number of changes since then, which lost it some local support. However, in the end the bill was something those pushing for the district could get behind including interest groups representing vineyard owners and home owners.

Sue Luft with Pro Water Equity says she was happy to see that the hybrid structure for the board withstood all of the changes made to the bill during the legislative process. She also is optimistic Governor Brown will sign it into law.

"We've spoken with the governor's office in the past and they've indicated support conceptually for it, so we feel pretty good the governor will most probably sign it," said Luft.

Should Governor Brown choose to sign the bill, it will still require several local steps before a governing board can be developed and rules for managing the groundwater can be instituted.