SLO County Libraries offer delivery service for homebound seniors

Mar 23, 2021

In November, the County of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries began offering a library-by-mail service for homebound seniors. Now, they’re trying to spread the word.

The program gives those 60 and older a way to check out items like books, audiobooks, DVDs and CDs from the library without leaving the house.

Sharon Coronado is the coordinating librarian for adult services with the County of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries. She said this service aligns with the library’s goal of reaching vulnerable populations.

“Meeting people where they are is always something that the library tries to do,” Coronado said. “But this is literally meeting people where they are in their homes.”

The library ships the items by U.S. mail with postage paid both ways. When someone is done, they flip the mailing tag over and mail it back.

Members can receive up to two shipments per month, and each shipment can carry several items. Materials can be kept for 21 days or longer if they are renewed.

Coronado said the program is more than just getting reading materials to seniors. It’s a way to connect.

“I have one very voracious audiobook listener,” Coronado said. “She sent me a little note and said, ‘Thank you so much! I’m 101 this year.’ So when I looked in her library account, I was sending her a shipment and it was just a week before her birthday. So I just printed a really simple ‘Happy birthday from your library!’ and she was very thankful for that.”

To apply for the Library by Mail program, you can call Sharon Coronado directly at (805) 781-4187.