Cal Poly State University

unknown Ukrainian photographer

Correspondent Tom Wilmer visits with Cal Poly adjunct journalism professor Katya Cengel to talk about her newly released book, "From Chernobyl with Love." Cengel’s memoir recounts her experiences working as a journalist in Kiev and the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia from 1998 through 2003. 

Andrew Epperson

There’s currently $1.4 trillion dollars owed in student debt. And that number is only growing. On July 1, student loan interest rates increased by three-quarters of a percentage point. 

Lodi, California Mayor Mark Chandler
Thomas Wilmer

Lodi, California’s Mayor Mark Chandler talks about Lodi’s 150-year history as a premier grape growing region. Chandler shares insights on “Lodi Rules” pioneering sustainable grape growing practices that became a national model, his roots at Cal Poly, water conservation and re-use, and moderating development.

Another record year for Cal Poly applications

Dec 5, 2016
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San Luis Obispo's California Polytechnic State University - known as Cal Poly - has a record number of applicants for the 2017-2018 school year. Nearly 57,000 prospective students applied, roughly 50 more than last fall. 

Heather Pyle-Lucas and David Lucas at their Lodi Lucas Winery
Thomas Wilmer

When David and his wife, Heather Pyle-Lucas started their commercial Lucas Winery 38 years ago Lodi’s Zins were known as high-alcohol rocket-fuel concoctions. That’s all history today and David and Heather were pioneers in the evolution of Lodi, California wines by crafting extraordinarily well-balanced and complex estate-grown Zinfandel and locally sourced Chardonnay. Come along and join the conversation as Heather and David share their incredible journey as Lodi growers and producers.