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Issues & Ideas: A solar sail, command change and tech trends for the over-50 crowd

Photos courtesy The Planetary Society, Fort Hunter Liggett and the AARP

On this week's Issues & Ideas: A unique spacecraft is now orbiting the earth and soon a team at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo will command it to unfurl a super-thin Mylar sail. The craft will then glide through space, propelled only by sunlight. We talk to the mission's project manager to learn more. Also, there was a recent change of command ceremony at Army Reserve Garrison Fort Hunter Liggettin Monterey County. We hear from both the outgoing and incoming commanders.

Also on the show, a representative from the AARP talks about technology trends for people 50 and over in the United States, and how seniors can find educational resources to further participate and stay safe online. KCRW host Johnathan Bastian, of the podcast The 805, speaks with a UC Berkeley researcher about the economic impacts of the impending closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in San Luis Obispo County, and how those impacts may be less than previously estimated. These stories, plus an update on upgrades being made to emergency warning systems in the state, and a look at what California was like in July of 1776, on this week's edition of KCBX's Issues & Ideas. 

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