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In a year when the coronavirus has racked up an immense death toll, health officials say there is an overlap with another staggering figure—Americans dying from overdose in record numbers throughout the country, and that trend is being seen in San Luis Obispo County.

Courtesy of the candidates

As of Sunday night, 63 percent of SLO County voters have already cast their votes in the current election. 

But of those still filling out their ballot—or planning to head to the polls Tuesday—some will be weighing in on who will fill two open seats on the San Luis Obispo city council. Just under 31,000 people in San Luis Obispo are voting on that race. 

In the midst of the current opioid crisis and our on-going cultural struggle with addictions in many forms, the search for a lasting and sustainable recovery can be frustrating and demoralizing. Tune in Tuesday for a conversation with Elizabeth Barrett, the reluctant therapist and her guest, Dr. Michael McGee about new advances in healing for those who are steeped in the addiction cycle, and for the loved ones who are also suffering.