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State dedicates nearly $200 million to fix deadly Highway 46

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Soon-to-funded project include widening of Highway 46.

San Luis Obispo County roadways are getting a big chunk of money for improvements, more than a quarter of a billion dollars' worth.

This week the California Transportation Commission allotted $261 million to the region, the largest the area has ever received. And in case you are wondering where the money came from - it's mostly revenue from SB 1, the recent statewide gas tax increase with new vehicle registration fees. And where will the majority of the the money go? San Luis Obispo Council of City Governments Executive Director Ron De Carli broke it down:

"The biggest project is $197 million dollars to go towards fixing Highway 46 east of the city of Paso Robles, where it's been extended from a two-lane to a four-lane facility. That would continue the four-lane facility, past its rest stop, past its intersection with 41 and 46. Then [they'll] do the final engineering for the next phase that continues east all the way to the county line, all the way to Antelope Valley."

This stretch of Highway 46 has been particularly deadly for drivers for decades.

There are other San Luis Obispo County roadways receiving millions for improvements. Just a few are a project to relieve congestion southbound Hwy. 101 around Pismo Beach, short term improvements on the State Road 227 corridor, and an expanded train layover facility in the city of San Luis Obispo.

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