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Let's talk about the weather: what to expect this year

Last year was the warmest on California's record books and it continued to move the state into it's prolonged drought.

John Lindsey is PG&E's Corporate Relations Representative and Marine Meteorologist. He says 2014 broke the previous record by 1.6 degrees Celsius.

Lindsey explains what to expect from 2015.

"We're definitely looking at a changing climate, a warming climate. A hypothesis is that if we do receive rain, storms could be more intense and it may produce longer and more prolonged drought," Lindsey said.

He says the state will likely see weak El Nino conditions this year, conditions that typically create average to above average rainfall.

Lindsey says California is in a dry spell for the first part of January, but Californians will likely see rain at the end of the month and into February and March.