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What the disappearance of the 'blob' means for California's rainy season

NOAA's El Niño Portal

A large patch of warm water that has persistently been off of the West Coast throughout our drought, known as the 'blob,' is no longer there. 

Climatologists were concerned the 'blob' would remain off our coast, preventing the convection needed to create storms.

John Lindsey is a meteorologist with PG&E and said now the ingredients are coming together for a wet year. He said historical data doesn't guarantee what can happen, and we could have an additional dry year.

"This is an unprecedented condition for us. So going five years would really seem to be unlikely. But it could happen. But i think it's more likely, that we'll get into a really nice wet weather patten," said Lindsey. 

Lindsey says models indicate this El Niño is on track to be among the strongest we've seen.

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