Election 2020: Voters choose among eight candidates for San Luis Obispo city council

Nov 2, 2020

As of Sunday night, 63 percent of SLO County voters have already cast their votes in the current election. 

But of those still filling out their ballot—or planning to head to the polls Tuesday—some will be weighing in on who will fill two open seats on the San Luis Obispo city council. Just under 31,000 people in San Luis Obispo are voting on that race. 

Eight people are vying to those two open seats. KCBX News spoke with most of the candidates, asking each the same questions. Two—Jeffery Specht and Erik Long—did not respond to KCBX’s requests for an interview or comment.

KCBX asked the SLO city council candidates three main questions: one, what do you think is the city’s most pressing need at this time and what should be done about it? Two: what actions, if any, would you advocate for as an elected city council member to help the community and businesses recover from the COVID-19 shutdown? And three, do you support the city’s recent efforts towards decarbonization, the Clean Energy Choice Program—why or why not? Going in alphabetical order, here are the responses form council candidates Kelly Evans, Jan Marx, James Papp, Andrea "Andy" Pease, Abrianna Torres and Robin Wolf. [Click on the Listen button above.]