City of Paso Robles

City of Paso Robles

The City of Paso Robles has been awarded funding from the Center on Rural Innovation to help bring in tech-related jobs. 

The Today Show NBC

Paso Robles is in the national spotlight after being featured on NBC’s "The Today Show" on Friday, June 18 as a top destination to visit this summer. 

The “Third Hour” show highlighted Paso Robles' wine country, the new Stables Inn and the “Field of Light” display as the top California destination to visit this summer amid the state's official re-opening.

The City of Paso Robles

The long-vacant Paso Robles Juvenile Facility on Airport Road has new owners with big plans to redevelop the 137-acre site, which was presented at the city council meeting Tuesday night.

Covered in barbed wires, security cameras and filled with dilapidated buildings, the Estrella Boys School has been empty since closing in 2008. 

“Since then, there has been a standing question in the community of what's going to become of the site as it continues to become more blighted and deteriorate over time,” Community Development Director Warren Frace said.

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues nationwide and locally, the mayor of Paso Robles has launched a diversity panel to address issues with racism.

Paso Robles holds active shooter drill Wednesday

Aug 13, 2019
Courtesy of the Paso Daily News

If you see police and emergency responders converging around a Paso Robles school site on Wednesday, it’s just a drill. The Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services is holding an active shooter training exercise at an empty school campus on 17th Street.

City of Paso Robles

This week in Paso Robles, city staff are unveiling potential designs of a new district on Railroad Street. That’s a street near the downtown square, and Paso Robles is looking to spruce it up with maybe a mural, some lighting and railroad-themed features.


A $26 million dollar convention center might come to Paso Robles. Members of the Paso Robles Event Center, Travel Paso and the City of Paso Robles met this week to explore the possibility of building a large-scale conference center at the Paso Robles Event Center on Spring and Riverside Streets. KCBX reporter Tyler Pratt spoke with the CEO of the Paso Robles Events Center to learn more about the proposed conference center, why the county might need  one, and why Paso Robles was chosen as the site.

City officials in Paso Robles are holding a public hearing on short-term rentals available via websites such as Airbnb and VRBO. For the past year, a task force has been working on draft policy to regulate such rentals.

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The City of Paso Robles is considering purchasing the former El Paso de Robles Youth Correctional Facility property from the State of California. The facility hasn't been in use since 2008.