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San Luis Obispo neighborhood bike, pedestrian route moves forward with $1.7M grant

The City of San Luis Obispo will start construction in 2022 on a $2.5 million bicycle and pedestrian project after receiving a major grant.

The project, known as the Anholm Neighborhood Greenway, will give cyclists and pedestrians a safer way to move between downtown and San Luis Obispo’s northern neighborhoods.

It will connect Foothill Boulevard and the Highland Drive entry to Cal Poly with Downtown through 1.7 miles of protected bike lanes and crosswalks on Broad and Chorro Streets.

The project will also include accessible curb ramps, lighting, new trees and public art.

“The purpose of the neighborhood greenway is just to have a priority route that really prioritizes people walking and biking,” said Jennifer Rice, a transportation planner engineer with the City of San Luis Obispo. She said the new path “creates a really comfortable experience and opportunity for them to use those modes other than driving in a car.”

Local cyclist and Cal Poly graduate Max McCollum has been biking in San Luis Obispo for more than seven years.

He said he and several of his friends have had car doors opened on them and even been hit by vehicles while biking in the city.

McCollum said he’s all for any amount of added protection for cyclists on Broad and Chorro.

“As a cyclist, I’ve been pretty worried occasionally being on that road,” McCollum said. "I’ve had a few friends who actually live on that street and bike there every day. I think it will be really cool to have a separate bike lane.”

But not everyone is excited about the project.

Rice said the city has heard from residents who are concerned about losing parking spots to make room for the new bike lanes.

The Urban Greening Grant Program, which is part of a state climate initiative, awarded the city $1.7 million to help complete the Greenway.

Construction is expected to begin in early 2022 and be finished by the summer.

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