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Tom Wilmer

Correspondent, Tom Wilmer explores the world of fresh ocean seafood with Morro Bay Commercial fisherman and restaurant owner, Mark Tognazzini, who talks about just what constitutes “fresh”, and the local fishermen who travel as far as 1,000 miles out to sea to catch pelagic fish such as Tuna and swordfish. 

Morro Bay National Estuary Program

A grass that grows in the coastal waters and tidal lands of the Central Coast is seeing a rapid decline in habitat.

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The Amgen Tour of California is coming to a couple Central Coast cities next month and organizers are looking for volunteers to help out at those locations. 

Screenshot of Disney's Finding Dory trailer

One Central Coast town has good reason to be excited about the upcoming release of the feature animated film "Finding Dory," the sequel to the extremely popular "Finding Nemo." 

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The City of Morro Bay wants to hear from local residents about whether a law regarding the storage of boats and RVs should be enforced or dropped from the books. 


Morro Bay is moving forward with plans to build a water reclamation facility, which would be the largest project in the city's history.

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The California Coastal Commission voted 7-to-5 late Wednesday to dismiss Executive Director Dr. Charles Lester, at the close of a long day of public hearings in Morro Bay.

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A highly-charged California Coastal Commission meeting in Morro Bay Wednesday has city leaders planning for large crowds and traffic congestion. 

Initially the Inn at Morro Bay was hosting the Commission hearing, but with media outlets and protestors expected to swarm the small coastal town, Wednesday's venue has been changed to the City's Community Center.

Trident Winds Morro Bay proposal

Early plans are underway to build a massive wind farm 20 miles off the coast of Morro Bay. 

City of Morro Bay

City officials in Morro Bay say they are working to notify homeless residents regarding a creek cleanup planned for next month. 

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The City of Morro Bay will for the first time be a host city during next year's Amgen Tour of California.

The Central Coast has been featured many times during the decade-long event including Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach and Avila Beach just last year.

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New signs posted in Morro Bay are warning the public of a shark sighting. Several surfers reported seeing a large shark about 200 yards north of Morro Rock Wednesday morning. 

Unusually warm ocean temps may be behind influx of starving birds

Aug 25, 2015
Pacific Wildlife Care

UPDATE: Aug. 26, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay said Wednesday that 10 new birds have come into the facility since announcing the problem on Tuesday.

Tom Wilmer


Plans for this year's Fourth of July fireworks display in Morro Bay are now canceled. 

Randol White

Health and safety code violations in the City of Morro Bay are not efficiently tracked according to the San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury.

In a new report, the jury found the city's current complaint-driven process is poorly managed. It recommends that a full-time enforcement officer be hired and that a new system for tracking violations be put in place.

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In addition to the strong winds and significant rain expected Thursday and Friday, the Central Coast is likely to get hit was some very heavy surf.

The National Weather Service says western-facing beaches are most at risk from a major swell arriving late Thursday night and continuing through Saturday. Forecasters expect serious beach erosion because of the duration of the event.

Waves as high as 25 feet could be possible in some areas, and it's predicted that jetties and sea walls could be breached during periods of high tide.

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San Luis Obispo County's Elfin Forest natural area will celebrate its 20 year anniversary on Saturday, September 27.

The 90 acres of preserved land sits on the southeastern shore of Morro Bay adjacent to Los Osos and Morro Bay State Park. It was created by the local group Small Wilderness Area Preservation (SWAP) and now includes a combination of County and State park lands.

SWAP's chair, Ron Rasmussen, says the natural area got its name based on oddly-shaped native trees.

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At nearly 66 degrees, the Morro Bay estuary water is warm say the divers zipping up their wet suits on this Saturday morning in mid August. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the average Morro Bay water temp for August at 58 degrees, nearly 8 degrees cooler than its current temperature.

Scientists believe warmer water is among the main culprits behind the decline of the area's eelgrass, a plant that grows along the bottom of the estuary.

Randol White

The Morro Bay waterfront is getting national attention for a unique plan to bring back the local fishing industry.  It's called the Quota Fund, and it's bringing together scientists, fishermen, and civic leaders to work on viable solutions to help strengthen the port's fishing industry.

KCBX News Director Randol White speaks with the Quota Fund's Executive Director Andrea Lueker, and Rick Algert, who helped organize the effort and now serves as the fund's secretary and treasurer. 

Randol White

Only one mayoral race was on the ballot for Central Coast voters on Tuesday, and that was for the City of Morro Bay.

Incumbent Jamie Irons will keep his job after garnering 56.73 percent of the vote as of Wednesday morning, to challenger Carla Wixon's 42.84 percent.

Cal Poly architecture student Remy W. Canto Adams

Plan are in the works to give the Morro Bay Aquarium a whole new look as the current owners do not plan to renew their lease, which expires in four years.

About six months ago, the City of Morro Bay put out a “request for proposal” or RFP to anyone interested in taking over the aquarium's lease site and redeveloping it as a marine education center. So far, only one party has expressed interest.  

Randol White

Embarcadero Road is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and fishing businesses. Together they make up the community of Morro Bay’s celebrated waterfront.

All the lease sites along the waterfront are public property of the City of Morro Bay and are managed by the Morro Bay Harbor Department.

Eric Endersby oversees the waterfront leases as a part of his job as Morro Bay Harbor Manager and he says things are changing in the bay.

City of Paso Robles

Several Central Coast communities are facing severe water shortages this summer as our state’s historic drought drags on, and that's prompting many local leaders to consider short and long term remedies.

One of the newest proposals is to build a pipeline that could deliver emergency water to areas of San Luis Obispo County, including the City of Morro Bay.

California DWR

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced Friday a 5 percent increase in allotments for those using water supplied by the State Water Project.

The start of 2014 marked the third dry year for the state of California and the first year for a zero percent allocation of state water resources to cities. But, storms in February and March helped the state with some much needed rain, and snowfall in the Sierra.

This small increase is good news for Central Valley farmers, but won't change much for the agricultural community on the Central Coast.

  • Correspondent, Tom Wilmer visits with Walter Heath about the Morro Bay In Bloom volunteer project. The program is founded on the concept that a small group of people applying 2 hours of effort every week can make a positive difference in their community. Morro Bay in Bloom is undertaking civic beautification projects and completing them in several two-hour sessions.